Here Are Some Hard Flagrant Fouls From Heat-Pacers Game 5 (Videos)

pittman elbow on stephensonAnyone who tells you that basketball is not a contact sport probably didn’t watch Game 5 between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers.  And if they did watch that game, they may be rethinking that statement, as last night’s contest was not one for the faint of heart.

The two teams had already exchanged their fair share of shoves and verbal jabs throughout the first four games of the series, and last night they were taking it a step further with some rather questionable hard fouls.

It all started when Tyler Hansbrough took a swipe at the head of Dwyane Wade, resulting in a gash above the eye of the All-Star guard.

Hansbrough received a Flargant 1 Foul on the play, but it wasn’t long before the Heat got some revenge of their own, as Udonis Haslem nearly decapitated Psycho-T with this two-handed smash to the head of the Pacers’ center. Haslem was assessed the game’s second Flagrant 1 Foul on the play.

As for the third Flagrant 1 Foul of the game, that came during the final seconds of the fourth quarter, as Dexter Pittman laid an elbow into the throat of Lance Stephenson.  Was it payback for Stephenson’s choking gesture towards LeBron James during Game 3?  That wink at the 0:53 mark of the following video sure makes it seem that way.

Through the first four games, the Pacers made it clear that they wanted to turn this series into a fight.  Last night the Heat won the fight, and they also won the game, 115-83.  With the Heat now holding a 3-2 series lead, it is the Pacers’ turn to throw the next punch.  Needless to say, they are going to have to make it a knockout blow if they hope to stay alive in this Eastern Conference Semifinal battle.

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