Bills WR David Clowney Posts His HIV Test Results On Twitter

For all of you lovely ladies in Buffalo who were contemplating the possibility of hooking up with David Clowney, but feared the possibility that his lifestyle has caused him to contract an STD at some point in his life, you’ll be happy to hear that the Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver does not have HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases.  At least that is what his test results say.

Clowney recently took a trip to the doctor’s office to get himself tested for HIV, and he, along with all of those Buffalo women he may have bedded, were pleased to find out that he is a clean man.

david clowney hiv test tweet

Some may say that Clowney is dumb and/or immature for posting his HIV Test results on Twitter for the world to see, but I’d argue that the man is not only brave for taking the test, but he is also a pioneer for posting the results online.  Think about it.  This could be the start of something big for guys and girls around the world who are interested in hooking up with randoms, but uninterested in wearing protection.  Rather than worrying about their drunken decision making in the sack the following morning, all that they will have to do is simply look up the person’s test results on Twitter before jumping into bed with them, and if their prospective partner is clean, they may then engage in some worry-free and condom-free sex!

David Clowney is dumb and immature?  More like David Clowney is a genius!

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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