Drunk FC Rostov Fan Confronts Team’s Head Coach (Video)

FC Rostov coach fights fanEuropean soccer fans can be a very dedicated and persistent bunch.  Unlike North American sports fans, who would be more likely to give up on their team following a few seasons on consistent failure, soccer fans in Europe will threaten the well-being of the players and force them to surrender their jerseys if they feel they are unworthy of wearing them.  And they will also track down the team’s coach when he is alone and give him a drunken piece of their mind.

One fan of the Russian Premier League’s FC Rostov took part in the later, as he tracked down the club’s newly appointed head coach, Anatoly Baidachny, in an attempt to talk strategy.  However, the 59-year-old Russian manager wasn’t having any of it, as he threatened to defend himself with physical force before using a quality stiff-arm to maneuver around his drunken obstacle.

FC Rostov finished the season 13th out of 16 teams, but they were able to avoid relegation by beating FC Shinnik Yaroslavl in a two-leg playoff on Tuesday.  I guess now that Baidachny doesn’t have to worry about maintaining his team’s spot in Russia’s top league, he can focus more of his attention on protecting himself from those pesky drunken fans.

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