Kid Gets De-Cleated After Taking Soccer Ball To The Face (Video)

kid soccer ball to faceYou simply have to love the toughness exhibited by the young soccer players of America.  Rather than emulating their professional role models by diving all over the field and wallowing on the pitch in pain at every opportunity, they often find themselves playing through the minor injuries they encounter, as they appear to be much more interested in playing the game, rather than embarrassing it.

Take this boy for example.  After taking a ball to the face, everyone would have sympathized with him had he dropped to the pitch in tears.  But there would be no diving, not squirming on the pitch and no crying in this instance, as he bounced back onto his feet immediately after being de-cleated by the close-range shot and wasted little time getting back into the play.

An effort like that is definitely worthy of a post-game ice cream.  Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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