Topless Activists Attempt To Steal The EURO 2012 Trophy Again (Photos & Video)

A few weeks ago, FEMEN activist Yulia Koypachik dropped her shirt and attempted to steal the Henri Delaunay Trophy, which was on display as part of a five-week trophy tour across the Ukraine and Poland leading up to the start of the EURO 2012 tournament on June 8th.  It was quite the sight for breast lovers across Europe and around the world, but for those of you who didn’t feel as though your amateur boobie fix was satisfied by that episode in Kiev, Ukraine, you’ll be happy to hear that there were more FEMEN activists stripping down for the trophy during its stop at Dnipropetrovsk on Monday.

According to reports, the two topless protesters this time around were French journalist Emma Aels and longtime group member Inna Shevchenko.  And not only did they succeed in stripping down and showing off their bare chests to the world, but they were also able to knock the Euro Cup off of its pedestal before security moved in to detain them.

The two women were arrested and charged with public disorder, while a French female photographer and a female Polish reporter were also arrested following the incident.  They were all fined the equivalent of $40 and released shortly after.

These acts by FEMEN are being done in an attempt to protest against the EURO 2012 tournament being played in Ukraine, as they feel that the tournament will result in a boost to the country’s sexual tourism industry.  Whether there will be more topless protests to come is anyone’s guess, but if at any point FEMEN decides to put an end to their stripping because they can no longer pay the $40 fines, I would be more than happy to send them a money order, if that’s what it takes to ensure that the strip-show goes on.


Hat Tip – [RT]

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