New Orleans Hurricanes Of NBA D-League Brawl With Chinese Basketball Team (Video)

china basketball brawlLast year it was the Georgetown Hoyas that were brawling the Bayi Rockets of China during their Goodwill Exhibition Tour.  Yesterday, it was the New Orleans Hurricanes of the NBA’s D-League that were attempting to assert their physical dominance over their Chinese opponents, the Zhejiang Lions.

You think it’s about time American basketball teams stop making the journey across the Pacific Ocean to “The Middle Kingdom”?

While the last Chinese-vs-American brawl was the result of a hard foul, speculation is that this time around the fighting was the result of some biased officiating and a language barrier.  Beijing Cream provides us with the following tidbit of information:

“The referees weren’t being fair, biased toward Zhejiang Guangxia. New Orleans Buffalo Wings coach interacted with the refs, but what a pity, the refs didn’t understand English.”

Here is a word of advice for any other American teams traveling to China to take part in an exhibition game in the near future:  If you’d like to avoid an all-out brawl with flying chairs and water bottles, perhaps it would be in your best interest to make sure the referees in charge of the game have at least a minor grasp of the English language.

Here is a look at the brawl between the Zhejiang Lions and the New Orleans Hurricans.

On a side note, does anyone else find New Orleans’ nickname somewhat troubling?

Hat Tip – [Beijing Cream]


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