Streaker Runs Wild At Busch Stadium Last Night (Video)

busch stadium streakerAfter hibernating during the winter, the streakers have been coming out of the woodwork throughout the first two months of the 2012 MLB season, as yet another one made an appearance last night at Busch Stadium during a game between the Phillies and the Cardinals.

Unfortunately, umpire Jeff Kellogg wasn’t around to make the tackle this time, but the plethora of security guards, police officers and grounds crew members were able to get the job done, as they executed a perfect hi-low hit on the naked dude, ending his retina-burning run.

You will find two videos of the incident below.

The first was taken by a fan seated in the left field bleachers, and is SFW.

As for the second, it features a slow-motion look at the tackle made by the Busch Stadium security guards.  And while the clarity is much better in this view, the size of the man’s genitalia still makes it hard to see anything, leading me to believe that the second video is also SFW, although, your boss might still think otherwise.  So watch at your own risk, or wait until you get home.

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