Watch “The King Of Nut Shots” Live Up To His Nickname (Video)

king of nut shotsSeeing how many shots to the groin one can take is not a sport, but it ought to be one.  And if that day ever comes, you can bet that Horse from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania will be one of the first to hold the belt as the World Champion of Nut Shots.

Horse demonstrated an uncanny ability to absorb nut-shot after nut-shot during his appearance on “America’s Got Talent,” as he allowed his friends to tee off on his groin with everything from kicks to sledgehammers.  Prior to taking part in the act, Horse said that the performance was dedicated to his two daughters.  And hopefully he wasn’t planning on having a third child somewhere down the road, because that type of abuse to the groin certainly isn’t going to help his ability to impregnate his woman.

Check it out.

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