Jays Fans Pay Tribute To Their Injured Friend, Not Brett Lawrie (Video)

steven mcallister tributeHere is a feel-good story with a bit of a humorous twist to help get you through your Hump Day.

Students from Academie Ste. Marie in Quebec were present at last night’s game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles at the Rogers Center, but they were without one of their classmates, Steven McAllister, as he recovers from injuries sustained during a car accident.  And while Steven wasn’t present physically, the students wanted him to know that he was still in their hearts and minds, as they paid tribute to him by forming a heart and the number 38 (his hockey jersey number) across two sections in the upper deck.

Interestingly enough, McAllister’s thunder was nearly stolen by Blue Jays’ third baseman Brett Lawrie, as many of those in attendance, including the Jays players and play-by-play announce Buck Martinez, we quite confident that the message being sent by the students was “Love Third Baseman” (a heart followed by a “3” and a “B”).

Sorry Brett.  Us Blue Jays fans still love you, but you won’t be stealing any of the love from Steven McAllister.

Get well soon Steven!

Here is a link to the video, because MLB.com keep on taking down our Youtube video.  You’d think Major League Baseball would be more than happy to share this special moment with everyone, but I guess they have a bunch of heartless meatheads running their media department.

Hat Tip – [Sportsnet]


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