Brazilian Soccer Fans Take On The Cops (Video)

brazil fans fight copsBrazilian soccer fans can be quite the passionate bunch.  In the past they have made it clear that they will do just about anything in order to watch their team win, including busting down giant walls and even murdering one another.  It should therefore come as no surprise to see this group of Brazilian fans fight back when police officers attempted to escort them out of FedEx Field during Wednesday night’s friendly between Brazil and the USA.

It was quite the busy night for the officers on duty at FedEx Field, as they found themselves taking on fans, both on the pitch and in the stands.  In the end, it was Brazil walking away with the 4-1 victory, but it was the D.C. police force that was laying the biggest beating – or should we say, “beatings” – on this night.

Here is a look at the altercation that unfolded in the stands between officers and a group of Brazilian fans.

(Sorry, but due to some poor camera work, you may have to rotate your head or your laptop 90-degrees in order to watch this video.)

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