Check Out This Drunk Female Fan From The Braves Game (Videos)

drunk lady braves gameFor some, it can take an entire ball game before they are drunk enough to start waving their hands in the air and dancing to the tune of Hall & Oats’ “Kiss On My List.”  For this female Braves fan, it took only three innings to reach that level of intoxication.

And while that may lead you to believe that she is a rather cheap drunk – which should be a plus on any man’s list – her antics during the fifth inning, which include her nearly falling backwards over a seat and smashing her head on the floor, have us thinking that the drinking didn’t stop after the third inning.

How many overpriced beers she sucked back during her night at Turner Field is anyone’s guess, but what I would love to know is whether that man in the red hat seated to her left is her husband?  He seems to be doing everything in his power to avoid her, and he even gives her a bit of a forearm shiver at the beginning of the second video.  That seems like a rather harsh way to treat your drunk significant other…

…On second thought, if that were my wife, I’d probably do the same.  Check it out.


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