Celtics’ Rajon Rondo Called the Miami Heat Crybabies During Halftime Interview (Video)

rajon rondo calls heat crybabiesThe Miami Heat have already been accused of being floppers during the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Now they’re being accused of being crybabies.

When will it end for poor, misunderstood LeBron James and company?

The new crybaby accusation came from the Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo. But it didn’t come during a post-game interview, or via a trash-talking tweet. It came in the middle of the game, on national television, during an interview with ESPN sideline reporter Doris Burke.

With the Celtics up 61-47 at the half, Burke asked Rondo what holes his team was exploiting in the vaunted Miami defense. And he replied, “them complaining and crying to the referees in transition.”

Zing! This is sure to inflame the passions of basketball fans on talk radio for the next few days.

Check out the interview for yourself:

So is being a crybaby a “defensive hole”? Sure, why not. I mean, if you’re busy talking to the referee, you’re not paying attention to the game, right? That’s a hole. And it sure did seem like Heat players had a lot to say to the officials last night.

Rondo didn’t try to distance himself from crybaby-gate after the game. And LeBron James didn’t do anything to prove Rondo wrong, either. King James fouled out during last night’s overtime loss for the first time in his tenure with the Heat, and afterward he let anyone who would listen know how pissed he was.

In LeBron’s own words:

“I don’t think I fouled him. I don’t think it was a foul. I don’t foul out. If I’m going to foul out, that sixth foul, I wish I would have earned it and had actually been a foul on me. Whatever.”

Whatever indeed, LeBron. Yes, that 6th foul was weak, but take it like a man, will ya?

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