Chris Bosh Was Making Some Strange Faces During Last Night’s Miami-Boston Game (Video)

chris bosh weird faceWell, if there’s one person who was thrilled to hear about Rajon Rondo’s inflammatory “crybabies” accusation—which he fired off during a halftime interview on ESPN during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals last night—it was Chris Bosh.

That may seem strange to you, since Rondo plays for the Celtics and Bosh plays for the Heat. Maybe you think Bosh should be angry at Rondo for insulting his teammates. But no. He’s gotta be happy today.


Because everyone is talking about the crybaby thing instead of this:

I mean, if not for Rondo, today the blogosphere would have nothing better to do than come up with theories as to what, exactly, Bosh was doing in this clip. For example, did he just eat a lemon? Was he thinking about the ending to Marley and Me? Was he practicing his Jim Carrey impression? Did his teammate seated to his right eat too much egg salad for lunch?

These are just a few of the questions we might be asking today. But no, instead we’re all talking about how Rondo (rightly) called the Heat a bunch of crybabies.

You dodged a bullet there, Bosh.

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