Tiger Woods Caps Amazing Come-From-Behind Victory With Incredible Shot (Video)

tiger woods amazing shot birdie 2012 memorialIt’s been a rough couple of years for old Tiger Woods.

In 2008 he suffered a serious knee injury that required two surgeries and kept him out of the game for the better part of a year. Then in November of 2009, his Swedish supermodel wife whacked him upside the head with a golf club when she found out he’d been nailing strippers and porn stars all over the continental United States. After that, Woods just wasn’t the same golfer. He went 107 weeks without a victory, fell all the way to #58 in the rankings, and fired both his coach and his caddy.

But recently, Tiger has started to look a little more like the Tiger of old. In December he broke the losing streak by winning the Chevron World Challenge. Then, over the weekend in Ohio, Tiger claimed career victory #73 at the 2012 Memorial Tournament. And he didn’t just win like any old golfer. He won like only Tiger Woods can win.

Down 2 strokes with only four holes to play, Tiger birdied 3 of the last 4 holes to claim a 2-stroke victory. Along the way, he hit one of the most incredible shots you’ll ever see to save the tournament.

On the the par-3 16th, Tiger hit an 8-iron off the tee and landed it in the rough past the green, 50 feet from the pin. It was a terrible lie. Any other golfer would have been thrilled to save par. But not Tiger. He did this:

Don’t think that is amazing? Well, Jack Nicklaus would argue the point with you.

From the broadcast booth, the Golden Bear said it was “the most unbelievable, gutsy shot I’ve ever seen.” Then he went on to explain, “He had one place to land the ball. He’s playing a shot that if he leaves it short, he’s going to leave himself again a very difficult shot. If he hits it long, he’s going to probably lose the tournament. He lands the ball exactly where it has to land…I don’t think under the circumstances I’ve ever seen a better shot.”

So there you have it—the best golf shot Jack Nicklaus has ever seen.

Nice going, Tiger.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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