Hundreds Took Part in Illegal Cheese Rolling Competition in England on Sunday (Video)

gloucester cheese wheel raceYou probably didn’t hear about it, or if you did you don’t remember, but the world famous and centuries-old Gloucester Cheese Rolling Competition—England’s version of Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls—was officially banned in 2010.

Government officials shut the thing down because they said it was a threat to the public’s health and safety. And in fairness, it was pretty dangerous. But it’s not like they forced anyone to do it. People hurled themselves down a 600-foot hill after that cheese of their own volition.

However, after a two year hiatus, and with all the hoopla surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s 60th Jubilee distracting government officials for the past week, a group of organizers staged a rogue cheese rolling competition over the weekend in England.

Hundreds of people showed up at Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, on Sunday for the illegal event. There were so many “athletes” eager to compete that organizers had to stage three men’s races. The final one was dubbed the “Jubilee Race,” since they used a special edition “Jubilee Double Gloucester” cheese wheel.

Luckily the hill was nice and soft thanks to a good soaking rain, so there weren’t as many serious injuries as in previous “sanctioned” cheese-rolling contests.

So what do you get if you’re the one who catches the giant wheel of cheese? Like, a million bucks or something?

Nope. You get to keep the cheese. That’s it.

Congratulations to men’s champions Craig Fairly and Chris Anderson—you’ll soon be the most flatulent blokes in jolly old England.

Hat Tip – [Telegraph]

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