25 Celebrities Spotted at the 2012 NHL Playoffs

Most years, you’re more likely to spot celebrities at NBA, NFL, or MLB playoff games than NHL playoff games. For that matter, you’re more likely to see celebrities at horse racing’s Kentucky Derby or tennis’ U.S. Open. But this year, with three teams from the two biggest American markets making deep playoff runs, celebrities are actually starting to show a little love for hockey. And not just the Canadian ones, either, but celebs from America, England, Ireland, Scotland, and even Australia. Sure, these are all English-speaking countries, and it would be cooler if, say, Colombia’s Sophia Vergara had been spotted at a playoff hockey game. But it’s the NHL we’re talking about here, and beggars can’t be choosers.

Anyway, with Hollywood’s favorite hockey team looking to wrap up the NHL season in Los Angeles by Wednesday, I thought it’d be a good time to see which who’s whos have been spotted at NHL playoff games this year. Is there a method to the rankings? Well, kind of. The order results from a combination of three factors: (a) which of these celebrities I’d most like to sit next to at a hockey game, (b) which are the most unlikely hockey fans, and (c) which a hockey team would most want to have in their seats, wearing their team’s gear. In other words, it’s very scientific.

But enough exposition. Let’s look at all the pretty famous people!

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