13th Overall Pick in MLB Draft Was So Excited He Did a Backflip (Video & GIF)

courtney hawkins back flipMajor League Baseball’s amateur draft doesn’t get half the attention that the NFL, NBA, or NHL drafts get. That’s because, for the most part, the draft in baseball is much less of a sure thing.

Sure, the other leagues have had their share of draft busts, but you can still be relatively confident that at least half of the players chosen in the first round will actually go on to have professional careers. The same cannot be said for the MLB draft, as teams may even use first round picks on 17-year-old pitchers who they think might make great shortstops. In other words, it’s a crap shoot. Most players don’t even bother showing up. So it doesn’t exactly make for exciting television. Not usually, anyway.

But last night was a different story. That’s because 18-year-old Texas high schooler Courtney Hawkins (one of the five players actually in attendance) was so excited to be drafted 13th overall by the Chicago White Sox that he did a backflip.

courtney hawkins backflip

Unfortunately, general managers don’t appreciate this level of exuberance in their highly touted prospects. They’d prefer that they keep both feet on the ground unless they’re on a baseball diamond. So White Sox GM Kenny Williams made sure to have a chat with Hawkins after the stunt.

“They said, ‘Go do it,’ so I went and did it,” the smiling 6’3″, 220lb outfielder told reporters. “But Mr. Williams said ‘No more.'”

You’re damn right no more! You gotta be more careful, kid. Those legs are worth millions.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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