TNT’s Ernie Johnson Is Not Impressed with His Halftime Notes (Video)

ernie johnson tnt frustratedYou gotta hand it to the folks behind TNT’s NBA Playoff coverage. They’ve assembled a charismatic bunch of analysts, and they give them free reign to do or say whatever they want. I mean, these dudes always keep it real. The morning after a game, you’re just as likely to see highlights of their intermission shenanigans as you are to see highlights of the actual game they were covering.

That being said, the highlights in question usually come from Shaquille O’Neal or Charles Barkley (who has a particular fondness for the Shake Weight). Poor Ernie Johnson, meanwhile, is given the difficult task of keeping these clowns in order long enough to actually talk about basketball.

Last night, however, during Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals between the Thunder and Spurs, it was Ernie creating the TNT highlight, as the cameras caught him showing unadulterated disgust for the notes his producer was handing him for the upcoming halftime show.

Don’t be too hard on Ernie, though. How would you keep it together if you had to deal with this:

Or this:

Hell, these clips are all from the same game. Did I say EJ had a difficult task? Make that impossible.

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