TUF Brazil Fighters Celebrate By Hoisting Brittney Palmer (GIF)

brittney palmer lifted in air at tuf brazilDuring the Coaches’ Challenge for the 15th season of The Ultimate Fighter, a.k.a. The Ultimate Fighter: Live, Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz battled it out for a whopping $20,000.  It was quite the cash reward for whoever could make it through the military obstacle course first (that would be Faber in this instance), but it pales in comparison to what they get for winning the Coaches’ Challenge at The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil.

With only a few more weeks remaining before a champion of TUF Brazil is named, coaches Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort took part in a Coaches’ Challenge that pitted them against one another in a soccer shootout.  During warm-ups, it appeared as though Belfort was at a distinct disadvantage, but in the end he would emerge victorious, scoring on six of his ten attempts, compared to Silva’s five goals in ten attempts.  And as a reward for his stellar showing on the soccer pitch, Belfort received approximately $22,000, but what was even more impressive was the trophy that his team got to hoist following the victory.  Some of you may recognize said trophy as UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer.

Seeing as how these fighters are locked up in a house for an extended period of time without any women in sight, you can image that they were awfully happy to hoist their incredibly sexy trophy into the air.

Check it out.

Brittney Palmer TUF Brazil lifted by fighter

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