Roger Federer Screams at French Open Fans to “Shut Up” (Video)

roger federer screams at french crowdIt shouldn’t come as a surprise that Roger Federer is getting a little curmudgeonly these days. While he’s been mostly polite throughout his storied career, he’s never been an especially warm and gregarious guy (Novak Djokovic he is not).  Now Roger is 30 years old, which is about 80 in the world of professional tennis. And you know how cantankerous old men can get.

I tell you all this because on Tuesday, during his quarterfinal match at the 2012 French Open against Juan Martin Del Potro, Federer started to take some of his frustrations out on the crowd.

At the time, Del Potro was already up one set to zip, and he had a 5-4 lead in the second set tie-breaker. During the next rally, which would either even the tie-breaker at 5-all or put Federer one point from an 0-2 hole, the crowd was getting a little rambunctious on some close calls during a prolonged rally. And after Federer lost the point, he let the fans know he didn’t appreciate their vocalizations by screaming “SHUT UP!”

Yes, he yelled at the French crowd in English. I’m sure they loved that.

Here’s the clip:

The funny thing is that the French love Roger Federer, so he’s always been a fan favorite at Roland Garros.

Federer went on to lose the next point and the set, putting him down 0-2. However, he ended up redirecting his frustrations from his mouth to his racket, overcoming a 2-set deficit for only the 7th time in his career. Now he’ll have a couple of days to rest his legs and vocal cords before taking on Djokovic in the semifinals.

Hat Tip – [Busted Racquet]

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