Mayor Of Boston Praises “KJ” And “Hondo” For Their Stellar Play (Video)

boston mayor calls kg kj and rondo hondoMove over Brad Doty.  You’ve got some company in the Boston Celtics’ KJ and Hondo.

Last month a person whose job is reporting sports for Fox Los Angeles made headlines when she demonstrated a shocking inability to say anything right. Well, actually, she got the first part right, calling the Kings the hottest team in Los Angeles. But then she goes and calls Drew Doughty—NHL All-Star, Olympic gold medalist, former finalist for the Norris Trophy, and probably the second or third most important player on the team—Brad Doty.

Brad. Doty.

Anyway, today Mr. Doty isn’t alone in the “people should know who I am but can’t get my name right” club. He’s now joined by Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo—or as Boston Mayor Thomas Menino likes to call them, “KJ” and “Hondo.”

That’s right. Speaking with reporters yesterday about the Boston Celtics, who have the mighty Miami Heat on the ropes in their Eastern Conference Finals series, Mayor Menino botched the names of the team’s two most important players.

In all fairness, the name “Hondo” does roll of the tongue of long-time Celtics fans, since that’s the nickname of Celtics legend John Havlicek, who helped them win 8 titles in the 60s and 70s. And KJ was probably just a simple slip of the tongue. But, unfortunately, when you put the two gaffs together, people are going to question you.

I wonder when Tim Menoony is up for re-election?

Hat Tip – [CSNNE]

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