A Belligerent Charlie Sheen Got Kicked Out Of The Kings-Devils Game Last Night (Video)

charlie sheen kicked out of kings gameIt was a star-studded affair at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night, with the L.A. Kings just one win away from their very first Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, all of the suddenly hockey-mad celebrities went home unhappy, since the Devils pulled out a gritty and exciting 3-1 victory to stave of elimination.

So who was there? Well, my eyes spotted Will Ferrell, Alyssa Milano, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Matthew Perry, among others.

Unfortunately, my eyes did not spy Charlie Sheen. Apparently, he was there for a little bit, but when he went outside for a quick smoke, the security guard wouldn’t let him back in, as per the Staples Center’s “no in-and-outs” policy.

But obviously Charlie didn’t think the rules applied to him, and he wasn’t too happy with the security guard. Consequently, he let loose a nice string of profanities, which included the directive to, “f**king blow [his] balls.”

(I don’t think she did. You can watch that video at TMZ.)

It’s a shame they didn’t let him back in, because I bet he and everyone in his section would have had a memorable time. After all, he was in rare form prior to the game:

Some of the highlights from this beauty include the following:

Paparazzo A: “Who’s your team, Charlie?”
Sheen: “My team? I’m not a hockey guy but I gotta root for the kings. Come on man, you know?”

Paparazzo B: “Charlie let me be your wing man fer rillz—I got girls, you got girls.”
Sheen: “You don’t even qualify bro.”
Paparrazo B: “Aww, man…I gotta bigger d**k than you.”

Paparazzo C: “Charlie, Charlie, you do bath salts? You ever try bath salts?”
Sheen: “Would you ask me that at a fucking dinner party you moron?”

Paparazzo D: “Charlie! Charlie! F**k all the hos tonight!”
Sheen: “I thought your mom and sister weren’t available?”

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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