Ireland Fans Taunt England As Team Arrives In Krakow for Euro 2012 (Video)

england arrives for euro 2012With Euro 2012 getting underway tomorrow, all week teams have been arriving in the various Polish and Ukrainian cities hosting the tournament.

On Wednesday, England arrived in Krakow, Poland, and I imagine Wayne Rooney and company were delighted to find a welcoming committee waiting for them at their hotel.

They were probably less delighted when they realized that their welcoming committee was headed by Irish fans who’d made the eight hour trip down to Krakow from Gdansk (where their countrymen are based) just to serenade them with a mashup of their greatest hits.

These included a round of boos (always a classic), as well as “John Terry is a racist” (he was accused of calling Anton Ferdinand a “f**king black c*nt” back in November), “You’ll never beat the Irish” (because the Irish probably won’t make it past the group stage), and, of course, “Maradona” (referring to the Argentine legend’s “Hand of God” tally against England in the quarters of the 1986 World Cup).

England fans reportedly fired back with stirring renditions of “Thierry Henry” (whose hand ball goal kept the Irish out of the 2010 World Cup) and “You’re going down with the Euro” (apparently, these weren’t you’re typical English soccer hooligans—sounds like they read The Economist). Unfortunately, I’ve yet to come across that video.

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