Watch 47-Year-Old Jose Canseco Get Ejected From A Minor League Baseball Game (Video)

jose canseco ejected from minor league gameJose Canseco has been far more entertaining since retiring from Major League Baseball than he ever was as a player. And we’re talking about a guy with arms like tree trunks who hit 462 home runs, so that’s really saying something.

Back in March, after bouncing around various independent league teams for about 10 years, Jose was all set to play for the Quintana Roo Tigers of the Triple-A Mexican Baseball League. Then he got banned before even playing a game because he wouldn’t take a drug test.

He later admitted to taking testosterone. Then he denied it. Then he admitted it again, but said it was for legitimate medical reasons (is wanting to play professional baseball at the age of 47 really a legitimate reason?).

At the time, however, he tweeted, “I am going to play baseball again if I have to die trying[.]” And for a guy still doing steroids at his age, that outcome seems like a very real possibility.

But Jose made good on his word and signed on with yet another independent league team in April—the Worcester Tornados of the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball. And of course, he brought his big, roid-enhanced, Major League-sized ego with him.

And that brings us to this awesome video of Jose Canseco getting ejected:

In all fairness, that strike-two call was pretty brutal. I’d be pissed too if I’d taken all those roids and shrunk my nads to the size of peanuts just to play in some obscure semi-pro baseball league, and then get ejected by some umpire who thinks he’s so freakin great!

Wait. Sorry. That’s just the hypothetical roid rage talking.

Hat Tip – [SportsGrid]

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