Stay Classy, Boston: LeBron James Gets Beer Shower From Celtics Fan (Video)

lebron gets beer showerThe other day we had that video of the kid in Miami telling everyone “Good job! Good effort!” as they left the court. And as you would expect, it was viral in about 10 minutes.

Today we bring you the opposite of the “good job, good effort” kid from Miami: the drunk-ass beer throwing jerk from Boston.

Last night, after the Heat forced a Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics with a convincing 98-79 thumping at TD Garden, an unruly Bostonian decided to tell LeBron James just how displeased he was with his 45-point performance…by throwing a beer on him as he left the arena.

The incident comes at the :09 mark of the video below, and while James isn’t exactly pleased, he doesn’t seem all that shocked, either. In fact, the guy in the suit next to LeBron seems to be a lot more pissed off than James himself.

Here’s what bugs me about this whole thing: what’s the deal with that tarp covering the tunnel entrance? Isn’t the point of that sort of thing to keep opposing players protected from fan debris? Just a thought Boston, but perhaps next time you should consider covering the player tunnel with something a little less porous.

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