Paula Abdul Gets Down with the Phillie Phanatic (Video and GIF)

PAULA ABDUL DANCING WITH PHILLIE PHANATICWe already knew that cheerleader-turned-singer-turned-over-medicated singing contest judge Paula Abdul likes hanging out with weirdos. There was that awesome music video for the 1989 classic “Opposites Attract” in which she danced with an animated, anthropomorphic cat. And, of course, she sat next to Simon Cowell for seven long years on American Idol before joining him over on X Factor.

So should we really be surprised to see her out on the field at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, having a hip-thrusting contest with the legendary Phillie Phanatic?

On Monday night we saw the giant green fuzzball dress up in drag and dance to Lady Gaga with a fake umpire. On Thursday afternoon, in between innings of a “business man’s special” between the Phillies and Dodgers, Abdul made her way out onto the field to join the Phanatic in some choreographed tomfoolery. At times it was cute; at times is was downright disturbing (cause the Phanatic is kind of a perv). But all in all, it was pretty fun.

Here’s a GIF commemorating one of the more disturbing moments:

phillie phanatic and paula abdul

And here’s the whole thing, uncut:

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