9 Most Controversial Boxing Decisions of All Time

People have always been a little suspicious of boxing. Maybe it’s because the sport relies on the interpretation of judges to pick a winner when nobody gets knocked out. Maybe it’s because of shady characters like Don King. Or maybe it’s because half the fights take place in Vegas, the sports-betting capital of the world. But whenever there’s a surprising outcome, people are quick to speculate that, you know, maybe it was fixed.

We were treated to just such a bout over the weekend. Manny Pacquiao was heavily favored against Timothy Bradley going into their fight on Saturday, and once it was over all but two people on the planet thought Pacquiao had dominated. Unfortunately, those two people happened to be judges, so Bradley miraculously won the bout in a split decision.

Today, we’re going to see where the controversial Pacquiao-Bradley decision ranks among the most controversial boxing decisions of all time. (Here’s a hint: it ranks pretty high.)

So let’s get to it.

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