Classy Miami Heat Fans Give Boston’s Big Three A Standing Ovation (Video)

kevin garnett subbed out of game 7On Saturday night, the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics 101-88 in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, earning LeBron James and company a crack at that elusive NBA Championship Ring for the second consecutive year.

However, the team’s stellar play on the court towards the end of the game was actually overshadowed by the class displayed by their fans.

You see, with only 28.3 seconds left on the clock and the Celtics down by 11, coach Doc Rivers decided it was time to take the “Big 3” — Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce — out of the game. Realizing that they may have just witnessed these three great players on the court together for the last time, the Miami Heat fans rose and gave the star players on the opposing team a standing ovation.

Now that’s classy stuff, isn’t it?

KG and Ray Allen both have contracts that expire this year, and it’s been speculated that, with Avery Bradley having been so effective playing along side Rajon Rondo this season, Celtics GM Danny Ainge might opt to let the aging Allen walk. If that’s the case, it’s the end of an era in Boston.

So hats off to the Heat fans for knowing their stuff and showing great sportsmanship. It’s almost enough to make you root for LeBron in the finals…

…but not quite.

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