Indians Closer Chris Perez Vomits After Earning the Save (Video & GIF)

chris perez vomitDuring the ninth inning of yesterday afternoon’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Indians reliever Chris Perez was hurling fastballs over the plate en route to his league-leading 20th save of the season.  And immediately following the final out of the game, Perez did some more hurling, although, this time he wasn’t hurling fastballs over the plate.  Instead, he was hurling his lunch onto the infield grass at Busch Stadium.

While some may believe that Perez was simply unleashing some of the butterflies that may have been whirling around in his stomach as he faced his former team, the 26-year-old righty was quick to blame his vomiting on some warm water that he drank prior to his appearance.

“I drank some warm water and I ran out there and it just didn’t settle well,” Perez said. “What am I going to do, call timeout and run into the dugout?  If you remember, a couple years ago in spring training it was the same situation. So I need to stay away from warm water.” [The Chronicle]

With only one blown save and one loss on the season, Perez appears to have few weaknesses in his game, but if yesterday afternoon’s incident is any indication, warm water is clearly one of them.

You can watch Perez lose his lunch in the video and gifs below.

Gifs via SB Nation



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