Russian Fans Attack Stadium Workers After Euro 2012 Victory (Video)

russian fans attack stewards at euro 2012On Friday night, the Russian soccer team opened their Euro 2012 campaign with a resounding 4-1 victory over the Czech Republic in Wroclaw, Poland. Unfortunately, the huge win wasn’t enough to quell the angst of some (presumably drunk and/or high) Russian fans.

After the game, in the concourse area, stadium officials tried to apprehend a man who had been throwing firecrackers onto the pitch during the game. Unfortunately for those stadium officials, that fan and his companions weren’t going to let him go without a fight, and an all-out brawl ensued.

UEFA called it “a brief and isolated incident,” while Polish police said that it was a “small incident” that lasted a “few dynamic minutes.” But it looks pretty nasty to me.

Watch the video for yourself:

Man, if this is how the Russian fans are going to behave when they win, what the hell is going to happen when they lose?

One stadium steward gets kicked several times while he’s lying on the ground, and another gets hit and then kicked in the face (right around the 0:25 mark).  All in all, four were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. But I’m sure they were pleased to hear that it was described as nothing more than a “small” and “isolated” brutal attack.

Hat Tip – [Yahoo]

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