Stephen Leicht Runs Over A Groundhog At Pocono (Video)

Stephen Leicht hits groundhog at poconoA race track is no place for a small animal.  We learned that when NASCAR driver Brad Coleman hit a coyote a few years ago, causing it to become part of his bumper.  And we were reminded of this once again over the weekend, as Stephen Leicht sent a groundhog flying off the track and into the infield after hitting it during a practice run at Pocono Raceway.

Whatever happened to the groundhog is anyone’s guess, but I’m simply going to assume that it was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and eventually made it onto the dinner table of one of the fans in attendance at the Pocono 400 practice session.

Here is a look at the collision between Leicht’s car and the groundhog.

Hat Tip – [From the Marbles]

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