Brawl At Brazilian Club Soccer Match Results In 12 Red Cards (Video)

brazilian soccer brawlOne of the dangers inherent in soccer’s “no hands” dictum is that, when a brawl breaks out on the field, players are very likely to do what comes most natural to them. And of course, that means lots of kicking and, thanks to cleats, a fair amount of stitches.

This past Sunday, such an incident occurred during a match between Votuporanguense and Fernandopolis of Brazil’s Campeonato Paulista Série A2—which is bascially the fourth tier of Brazilian club soccer.

It all started when the Fernandopolis keeper took down a Votuporanguense striker just outside the box as he was threatening to increase his team’s 2-1 lead. The goalie either already had a yellow card on file, or referees thought the offense was especially grave, because the goalie was summarily dismissed.

Then all hell broke lose as players on both teams chased each other around the field, kicking and punching each other—or at least in each other’s general direction—in an effort to exact revenge.

Fortunately most of these guys proved to be pretty passive aggressive, as a majority of the kicks and punches were thrown while guys were running away, making this violent scene more funny than disturbing. However, a few nasty blows were landed, resulting in a few nasty injuries.

Check out the whole bizarre thing for yourself:

Pretty hilarious, right? In the end, 12 players were shown red cards (including the goalie who started it all), and the refs just called the game right then and there.

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