Check Out This Thrilling Play At The Plate To End A Kickball Game (Video)

crazy kickball play at plateHipsters were the ones who started the whole “grownups playing kickball” fad. But it was the yupsters—young urban professional hipsters—who organized it and created a national tournament circuit with a $10,000 championship payout.

So in other words, in case you hadn’t noticed, people take their kickball pretty seriously these days. Thus, when a national open tournament called the Pennsylvania Kickball Classic ended with a close acrobatic play at the plate, there was both a great deal of celebration and a great deal of outrage.

The celebrants were the New York Shower Hammers (the blue team). They won the game in extra innings when their base runner rounded third, headed for home, did a Matrix-style leap over the ball, somersaulted into home plate, and was called safe.

The outraged party? That would be the green team, who felt pretty strongly that the guy was out, as they argued that the ball smacked the guy in the head before he touched home plate (in kickball, you can record an out by hitting the baserunner with the ball when he is not touching a base).

So who was right? Watch the video and decide for yourself:

It’s definitely close, but I’m going to say the blue team guy was indeed safe at home. Either way, it was probably the most exciting ending to a kickball game ever.

Incidentally, the New York Shower Hammers went on to win the Pennsylvania Kickball Classic, qualifying for the 2012 Circuit Cup Championship in New Orleans and a shot at the aforementioned $10,000 prize.

Congrats Shower Hammers!

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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