Violence Erupts Between Polish And Russian Fans At Euro 2012 (Videos)

russia vs poland fight hooligans violenceWhen it comes to violence and hooliganism in the game of football, few do it better – or should we say, worse? – than the Russians and the Poles.  That was quite evident prior to their Euro 2012 Group A match-up earlier today, as fans from both countries engaged in an all-out war on the streets of Warsaw.

Poland and Russia would go on to tie 1-1 during their battle on the pitch.  As for their war on the streets, we aren’t quite sure which country emerged victorious (in my opinion, they are both losers), but the following videos may help provide an answer to that question.

Check it out.

With plenty of issues regarding the sex trade, hooliganism, racism and corruption in Poland and Ukraine leading up to the 2012 European Football Championships, I still don’t quite understand how the selection committee determined that these two countries would be suitable hosts for a tournament of such magnitude.

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