Note To Reporters: Don’t Ask Bryce Harper What His Favorite Beer Is (Video)

bryce harper clown question broBryce Harper has been the No.1 prospect in baseball since he was 16 years old, when he was cracking 500-foot home runs at Tropicana Field and gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. But this season the hype ended and Harper’s Major League career began…at the age of 19.

Now, Harper’s age is important here, because it plays a big part in the testiness you’re about to witness.

You see, on Tuesday night at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Harper hit a massive 438 foot bomb to right center field for his 8th home run of the season. Understandably, after the game, there were a lot of reporters hanging around the prodigious young man’s locker, all wanting to ask about that monster home run.

One of said reporters was from Canadian sports channel The Score, and apparently he decided to keep things light by asking Harper if he planned to have a beer to celebrate his big night at the plate—given that it’s Canada, where he could actually enjoy such a beverage legally at the age of 19.

Unfortunately, neither Harper nor his handler (maybe his agent, maybe a team official) were too pleased, and they ripped the poor Canadian reporter a new one.

Here’s the video:

You can hear the handler in the background, apparently worried that the reporter is trying to create a little scandal. Then there’s Harper, calling it—and I quote—”a clown question, bro.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. President, bro. I didn’t realize we were discussing the Cuban freaking missile crisis here. I thought we were just talking about a bunch of grown men who spend all their free time trying to hit balls of twine with wooden sticks. My bad.”

Come on, bros. Lighten up.

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