Czech Players Involved In Some Weird On-Field Incidents At Euro 2012 (Videos)

czech greek sex simulation on soccer fieldThrough their first two games at Euro 2012, the Czech Republic has had its ups and downs in terms of results. They got hammered by Russia in their first game, but then rebounded to defeat Greece 2-1 in their second game.

They’ve also had some players involved in a couple of notable on-field incidents during each of those matches.

First, we have this rather amazing synchronized dive against Russia. I didn’t catch the game live and this video isn’t of the highest quality, so I don’t know who these players are. But that doesn’t really matter; it’s still amazing.

I knew Europeans soccer players were big on the art of diving, but who knew they were taking it to such new heights? This little move must have taken years to perfect. I saw a Broadway show recently, and the dancers weren’t even this synchronized. This is an all-time classic. In fact, we may have discovered an entirely new Olympic sport – synchronized soccer diving.

The second on-field incident involving a Czech player comes from yesterday’s fixture against the Greeks. First, José Holebas of Greece simulates an obscene act on the Czech Republic’s Petr Jiráček. Then Jiráček pays him back by grabbing Holebas’ leg and tripping him. And, finally, Holebas gets the last laugh…by kneeing Jiráček in the nuts.

Check it out:

Makes you wonder what the Czechs have in store for us in game 3, doesn’t it?

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