Tiger Woods Distracted By Camera At Driving Range, Nearly Injures His Back (Video)

tiger woods injurs backEveryone knows you’re supposed to be quiet on the course when a golfer approaches the ball and starts his backswing. Usually we think it’s just a matter of staying focused and not flubbing the shot. But, if a guy is distracted at precisely the wrong moment, it can actually lead to injury.

Ask Tiger Woods. After three years, the guy is finally 100% healthy and looking sharp. In fact, he’s the favorite heading into the U.S. Open this weekend. But yesterday on the driving range at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, Tiger gave all his fans a good scare.

About to take a shot, Tiger got distracted by a camera shutter halfway through his backswing and held up. The sudden stop apparently gave him a twinge in his lower back, and he bent over in obvious discomfort.

Here’s the video:

After stretching for a few minutes, Tiger was able to resume practice, and he says everything is fine. But I bet that scene sent the oddsmakers in Vegas scrambling for a few minutes.

In any case, it just goes to show you that while golf looks like a leisurely sport, that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous (to your back, anyway).

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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