Guy Uses Jet Pack To Fly Around McCovey Cove During Matt Cain’s Perfect Game (Videos)

JETPACK at san francisco giants gameIf you don’t live on the West Coast, then you might not have found out about Matt Cain’s 14-strikeout perfect game last night against the Astros in San Francisco until…well, just now. And let me tell you, it was a game for the ages. The 22nd perfect game ever thrown was almost certainly one of the top 4 or 5 pitching performances in the history of the game.

So what could be better that witnessing Matt Cain’s incredible perfect game in person at AT&T Park last night?

How about witnessing Matt Cain’s 14-strikeout perfect game while hovering over McCovey Cove with a jetpack?

Yeah, that’s right. During Cain’s perfect pitching performance last night, the Comcast SportsNet TV crew spotted a guy using a very unique mode of transportation to zip around McCovey Cove. Check out the video for yourself:

What you just saw there was a man using the FlyBoard by Zapata Racing. It was invented by a “water sports enthusiast” and uses powerful water jets to propel you under, across, or over a body of water. Notice the tube going down into the water behind Iron Man there? That runs to the engine, which follows you along like a wave runner.

Want to see more? Here you go:

Want one, yet?

This was probably just a little publicity stunt by the folks who make this things. And man, they sure picked the right night to get noticed!

Hat Tip – [Outside the Boxscore]

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