Old Men Playing Soccer Makes This Nike Commercial A Must-See (Video)

nike magic soccer night commercialWhen an athlete in any sport grows older, they will almost undoubtedly see their skills, fitness level and athleticism deteriorate.  However, one thing they may never lose is their passion for the game they played.

No one seems to know that better than Nike, as they used that idea as the basis for their brand new commercial titled “Magic Soccer Night,” which features a bunch of old fogies sneaking out of their houses during the wee hours of the night and trespassing onto a local football pitch for a not-so-friendly scrimmage with their fellow senior citizens.

Nike’s latest commercial may not feature the same stable of talent as their “My Time Is Now” commercial, which was released just a few weeks before the Euro 2012 tournament kicked off, but what it lacks in stars, it certainly makes up for in smiles.  And by smiles, we’re talking about the one you are bound to have on your face after watching this instant classic.

Check it out.

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