Swedish Butt Soccer Outrages Anti-Bullying Organization (Video)

swedish soccer team uses goalie's butt for target practiceSweden’s Euro 2012 squad was upset at the hands of host nation Ukraine by a score of 2-1 on Monday. But that doesn’t mean Zlatan Ibrahimovic and company are panicking. In fact, this week they kept their practices decidedly light, playing a certain game soccer players all over the world play all the time.

What is that game? Well, in my day, we called it “Butts Up.” There’s probably a lot of variations on the rules, but in every version someone ends up bent over, with teammates trying to hit that person in the backside with the soccer ball (though in most cases the pants stay on).

In the case of Team Sweden, the unlucky target was backup goalie Johan Wiland, as he had to stand by the wall and bend over after failing to keep the ball in the air during a juggling contest.

Watch the video for yourself, but be warned—it features some extremely white male butt:

The best part about this whole thing is all the fuss that’s been made about it. Most notably, after Swedish newspaper Expressen published their video of the incident on their website, a Swedish anti-bullying organization came forward and denounced it as bullying.

I’m serious. Denounced it! Bullying!

I think I speak for everyone when I say, lighten up folks!

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