Watch A Bus In Saudi Arabia Drift At High Speeds…With People In It! (Video)

saudi arabia bus driftingA few weeks ago, footage was released showing the bodies of two Saudi Arabian men being ejected from their somersaulting car after they flipped it while drifting at high speeds.  With decapitated limbs flying everywhere, the scene was too gruesome for us to show you on this site, but if you did see the video, you probably learned two important facts from it: drifting at high speeds through traffic is never a good idea, and those Saudi Arabian men are batsh*t crazy!

If the video below – which features a bus full of people drifting at high speeds through the Saudi streets – is any indication, it appears as though the men in Saudi Arabia are still ignoring the first fact, while continuing to validate the second fact.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Jalopnik]


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