Who Wants To See Yu Darvish Dressed In Drag And Singing Shania Twain? (Video)

yu darvish singing shania twain in dragHazing the rookies is a time-honored sports tradition. It’s a privilege a player acquires after paying his dues in the big leagues, and when exercised judiciously, the results can be hilarious.

But here’s a question: what if one of the rookies isn’t really a rookie? What if he’s been a superstar pitcher in Japan for over five years, and is a two-time MVP of the Pacific League? And what if his team payed $52 million just to talk to him, then gave him a 6-year, $60 million contract?

In other words, what if the so-called “rookie” is the Texas Rangers’ Yu Darvish?

The answer is yeah, he’s still a rookie, so he’d better do what the veterans in the clubhouse tell him to do. If they tell him to put on a dress and sing a Shania Twain song in public, he better put on a dress and sing a Shania Twain song in public.

And that bring us to this video. On May 27, the Texas Rangers held their 10th annual “Triple Play Game Show Spectacular,” a charity event featuring Rangers stars and benefiting local youth organizations. That night, team veterans tapped rookies Robbie Ross, Brandon Snyder, and, yes, Yu Darvish, to dress in drag and perform Shania Twain’s classic (I use the term lightly), “Man, I Feel Like a Woman.”

It’s as awesome as it sounds. Have a look:

The funny thing is, the MC tells people to put away their cell phones, because what they’re about to see is very embarrassing and cannot leave the room. Then Fox Sports Southwest airs the footage during a rain delay.


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