Euro 2012 Match Postponed Due To Rain, But Fans Entertain Themselves (Video)

shirtless fans at postponed ukraine france euro 2012 matchTorrential rain, strong winds, and lightning in Donetsk, Ukraine, put the Euro 2012 match between France and Ukraine on hold for an hour today. And as I sat around twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the game to start, I couldn’t help but wonder if the fans in attendance would even know what to do with themselves.

I mean, as an avid baseball fan, I’m used to rain delays and all that they entail. But soccer players play through all but the worst conditions. And it’s not like Bill Murray was there to entertain them.

Thus, with their well-documented proclivity for getting drunk and fighting each other (or inanimate objects), I couldn’t help but wonder if the soccer fans in attendance at Donbass Arena would take to fisticuffs to pass the time.

But as it turned out, everyone was in great spirits, and they took the delay in stride. In fact, a lot of fans probably had more fun in the rain than they would have had actually watching the game. Some of them just took their shirts off and hung out. Others chanted songs and choreographed some original dance numbers. And others still practiced their breast stroke.

See for yourself:


After seeing this, it’s a shame they had to start the game at all.  After all, if you asked me whether I’d rather watch a dominating 2-0 performance by France, or a bunch of drunken fans frolicking in the rain for 90 minutes, I’m taking the frolicking fans every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

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