School Kids In Kenya Reenact Buckner Play From 1986 World Series (Video)

kenyan school kids reenact buckner playPoor Bill Buckner. That fatal error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, which many believe cost his team the series, is seemingly going to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Sure, he might have moments of hope, in which he wonders whether maybe, just maybe, the next generation of baseball fans might allow him to live that infamous ball-through-the-legs blunder down.

But then he sees something like this:

Yes, that is a group of school children in Kenya reenacting that fortuitous moment that kept the Mets alive in the 1986 Series.

Apparently they wanted to make a movie reenacting a famous American sporting event for a class project. After their (presumably American) teacher showed them footage of a number of such events, they narrowed it down to two plays: the “Music City Miracle” play that gave the Tennessee Titans a Wild Card victory over the Buffalo Bills during the 2000 NFL playoffs, or the Buckner play.

Obviously, they went with Buckner.

Now, in case you don’t know about the Buckner play, here’s what happened (sorry, Bill).

Boston was up 3-2 in the ’86 World Series, and they headed into the bottom of the 10th at Shea Stadium with a 5-4 lead. Then they got two quick outs, bringing them one out away from ending the Curse of the Bambino. But the Mets came back to tie the game with three straight singles and a wild pitch. The next batter was Mookie Wilson, and he dribbled a ball up the first base line, directly at Buckner.

It wasn’t too fast. It wasn’t too slow. It was just right, and should have sent the game to the 11th inning. But instead, it went right through Buckner’s legs, the Mets won the game, and they would go on to win Game 7 as well.

And now, even kids in Africa will remember the legend of Buckner.

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