MMA Ref Knocks a Dude Out Following the Fight (Video)

mma ref knockoutAnyone with half a brain knows that it is never a good idea to pick a fight with a mixed martial arts fighter.  Just ask the dude who got knocked out by former UFC fighter Roger Huerta during a brawl in the streets of Austin, Texas.

As for mixed martial arts referees, they typically don’t pose the same type of threat as the fighters that they officiate, but that doesn’t mean you should go picking a fight with them either.  Even if you don’t agree with their ruling during a bout.

One man at a recent amateur MMA event decided to neglect that sound advice, and it cost him a few seconds of consciousness, as he was knocked out cold by a swift left hook from the referee after disputing  a decision following the bout.  Apparently, the man wasn’t too pleased about watching his fighter take a beating, but in the end, his angry protest would only earn him a beating of his own.

Check it out.

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