Polish Soccer Fan Demonstrates How Not To Hop Over A Barricade (Video)

polish fan falls tying to hop barricadeThe supply of amusing stories and videos from those whacky European soccer fans all pumped up for Euro 2012 really is endless. Pretty much every day you can head on over to YouTube and find a new crop of clips that the (typically drunk) fans themselves have uploaded.

Yesterday’s highlight of the day was a video of a Polish fan using a machete to chop the top off of his beer. It was as impressive as it sounds.

Today’s highlight is more embarrassing than impressive, but once again, it does feature a Polish fan. He’s trying to hope over a metal barricade, but he obviously hasn’t thought the mechanics of the whole thing through.  He does manage to get up there, but when he can’t figure out what the do with his feet next, he somersaults and lands hard on the pavement, back first. Of course, he pops up right away, probably trying to save face, but it looks like it had to hurt.

See for yourself:

All I can say is it’s a good thing this guy already has a girlfriend. With that stupid hat, and his not-so-smooth maneuver, he certainly wasn’t making a good impression with the other ladies.

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