15 Weirdest Places The Stanley Cup Has Been

Here are some things you’ll never hear or read about: each basketball player on an NBA Championship team getting a day to spend with the Larry O’Brien trophy. Or a baseball player from a World Series Championship team taking the Commissioners Trophy to a horse track and using it to feed hay to a Kentucky Derby winner. Or some guy who works for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and whose only job is to take care of the Burg-Warner Trophy as it travels around the world. Or a football player from a Super Bowl winner using the Lombardi Trophy to baptize one of his kids.

These things don’t happen in other sports with other trophies. They do happen with hockey and the Stanley Cup. It’s the only major professional sport in the world where the glory, honor, and pride of winning its most-esteemed championship is perfectly embodied in the trophy that’s awarded. And the best part is that every single player gets to take that trophy home with them for a day and do whatever the hell they want with it.

This means that the Stanley Cup has been to some pretty crazy places and done some pretty crazy things over the years. So today, as the L.A. Kings start taking their turns with Lord Stanley’s Holy Grail, we bring you the 15 weirdest places the Stanley Cup has ever been. (Serving chocolate milk to Dustin Brown‘s kids in his backyard is nothing.)

However, let me just preface this list with one thing: all of the stories you’re about to read are true…more or less. In doing my research, I made the not-so-surprising discovery that many of these stories have several different versions. So for this list, I just picked the version that seemed most likely and/or most awesome.