David Nalbandian Disqualified From Queen’s Club Final After Kicking Sign at Line Judge (Video)

nalbandian kicks line judgeDavid Nalbandian had been kicking aside everything in his path this past week, en route to a spot in the finals at the Queen’s Club tournament. And the kicking would continue during his finals match against Marin Cilic on Sunday, although, this time it wouldn’t earn the Argentine a victory. Instead, it would cost him one.

After winning the opening set, 7-6, Nalbandian began to grow increasingly frustrated during the second set, as he trailed 3-4. And after losing yet another point, he simply couldn’t contain his anger any longer, taking it out on a courtside sign. Unfortunately, there was a line judge seated directly behind that courtside sign, resulting in a bloody shin for the innocent official, and a disqualification for Nalbandian.

It was a rather tough way for the 30-year-old to lose a tournament final, and he had the following to say about the incident after the match:

“I am very sorry, sometimes you get frustrated on court. Sometimes I make a mistake I agree with. It’s a tough moment to end a final like that but sometimes we feel so much pressure from the ATP playing so many tournaments.”

I guess everyone reacts to pressure in their own way. Some simply thrive in such situations, while others kick signs at line judges. And after yesterday’s match, we now know which category Nalbandian falls under.

nalbandian kicks sign line judge bloody leg

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