Lingerie Football Fan Wins Halftime Contest, Gets To Tackle Half-Naked Girl (Video)

lfl halftime contest tackle the lingerie girlThe product sold by the Lingerie Football League barely even resembles an actual sport, let alone a genuine sports league. And yet, despite the fact that everyone knows this whole thing is just an excuse for hot chicks to have wardrobe malfunctions, they still go through all the trouble of pretending to be a real sports league. Hell, they even have an all-star game and everything. Only they don’t call it an “All-Star Game.” Instead, they choose to refer to it as an “All-Fantasy Game.”

Anyway, this year the LFL didn’t hold the All-Fantasy Game. Rather, they held the All-Fantasy Tour. Three games were played in total—one in Mexico and two in Australia—with the Western Conference taking all three.

The last of the three games was played on June 9 in Sydney’s Allphones Arena. And during halftime at the game, the league had a rather unique promotion: one lucky fan got to come out onto the field and try his luck at tackling and lingerie football player.

Check out the video:

Now, if you ask me, it’s creepy enough when a bunch of men gather in an arena to watch dozens of half-naked girls running around and tackling each other (if you had a daughter, would you want her doing that?). But you’re really cranking up the douchiness when you select one of the men from the crowd to come hunt down and tackle one of the half-naked girls for himself. I mean, even strip clubs have the decency to enforce no-touching rules.

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