Bored Ukrainian Soccer Fans Climb Light Pole At Euro 2012 (Video)

fans climb light pole at euro 2012On Friday, we told you about how the fans in attendance at the rain-delayed Euro 2012 match between Ukraine and France kept themselves entertained with a variety of chants, songs, dances, and various shirtless shenanigans. All in all, it was a pretty fun spectacle, and a surprising one too, given the way other fans had behaved already during Euro 2012.

Well, it turns out that not all the Ukrainian fans behaved quite so well during the long rain delay.

Though it was pouring rain in Donetsk, Ukraine, where the match was taking place, it was sunny over in Kiev. And the good weather, combined with a long delay and a lot of beer, led to some fans getting a little overzealous.

Check out the video:

Boredom and booze: never a good combination.

According to the person who posted this video on YouTube, the guy on top climbed up the 30-foot pole first, but felt self-conscious just dancing up there all by his lonesome. So he climbed down, convinced a woman to join him, and the two would go on to dance their rain-delay blues away.

So in other words, yeah, it was just another day at Euro 2012. Whatever.

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